Monday, February 27, 2012

0 - 60 in 2.5 Seconds

In chatting with my nephew the other day, he mentioned something that "rang a bell" with me..big time...he said he has a history where he can get in trouble because he "over-thinks" things.  I was like "OMG gag me with a mango, that's me!" (Valley talk accent included!)

I call this the Zero to Sixty in Two.Five Seconds event.  At least in my case because I often mix up and confuse subtle cues...well the logical mind just doesn't cope with that all too well.  So in its "helpful" attempt to rectify the situation the imagination goes utterly wild.  It looks like this:

Your sitting here talking with me and having a conversation...I hear what you say, and perhaps, not being clear and understanding (not your fault) my mind instantaneously comes up with various scenarios of how things are...So far this is true for most people, however...where for most people this is a "behind the scenes" subconscious process that you're largely unaware of...I'm almost never unaware of it. Those comparisons, correlations (true or not) and computations flood my conscious mind with chatter, and in exasperation I'm liable to believe one (or more) of them, hook, link, and sinker.  Within that 2.5 seconds I not only create the scenario, but project it into the future, even with a "logical outcome" (that rarely is!)

So far, just one or two seconds have passed, your talking about the possibility of rain today, and I am chicken little and the sky is falling.  Makes for a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and sometimes flat out people just think I'm really weird.  The first time, honestly, that I began to realize this happening was when I approached The Work of Byron Katie. I had never considered that we were not our thoughts/thinking.  A simple experiment proves otherwise.  Ask yourself "if I am my thoughts, then who or what is thinking/hearing/responding/feeling to them?  If we carefully approach this, say when we are waking up from sleep, we'll notice that at first no thoughts (or very few), then they start, completely on their own.  "I'm Joe...I'm in bed...I have to get up now, I have to brush my teeth" and on and on through the day.  Yet in deep sleep, before there is any "I", there are no thoughts.

The great sage Ramana Maharishi went even farther, considering that we are not thinking thoughts, they are thinking us.  The Western mystery schools refer to this as the collective consciousness, subconscious, akashik record.  There are no new thoughts under the sun, just old recycled ones, that we put on like our clothing, and they take on the appearance of being personal.  

I used to torture myself over the zero to sixty thing...primarily because I simply didn't recognize that it was, even in that split second timing, I catch myself asking "is it true?", "can I know that it is absolutely true?"  "how do I react when I believe that thought?"  "how do I react when I don't believe it?"  Truly magic...just sayin'.

Looking from the shoes of others in my life, I can now understand why I appeared to disjointed, disorganized and crazy....(I was LOL.)  All I can think of now, is the tremendous patience that so many have afforded me over the years...I smile, and I'm grateful.
~Just Joe

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