Friday, March 23, 2012

It Gets Better

It does get better...

I was, as it were forced out of the closet at a very young age...and dealing with my disabilities, my simply being a young and arrogant, frightened kid, I both mistreated and was mistreated by my family.

I was told time and again by society around me that I should be ashamed...that I was "doing this to be hurtful" and all similar sort of bullsh*t...Today, I can tell you, it does get better, you'll have those in your life that love you, if you are lucky and blessed that will include your family, and if they were truly friends to begin with, you will have friends.

Being AgCC/ADHD (alphabet soup, basically ...ROFL) and gay was a horrendous experience as an adolescent, but I've grown to love and accept myself, and so has many members of my family and friends (and I believe "more to come")  If you have any doubts, go to Youtube and search for "It Gets Better"...I promise you, it does...Life is wonderful, love is wonderful, YOU are wonderful...

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