Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Isn't About Waiting for a Storm to Pass...

It's about learning to dance in the rain!

I recently ran across this statement online, and it rings so true for me.  I think I had mentioned in an earlier post, how I would answer someone (and often have) when asked what I thought God/Truth/Reality was something very similar:

Imagine a time, or remember the time, when as a very young child, prior to the indoctrination of society, our even our parents into "reality", "God" and the like...Try to remember yourself, perhaps running through a field, maybe the beach, the woods, a meadow, a snowstorm, the rain (oh, and especially the puddles) get my drift...

The wind blowing through your hair, the sun shining on your face, or perhaps the raindrops hitting total wonderment of the excitement, the beauty, the purity of it all...Each one's experience is undoubtedly different, yet each one of us is capable of recapturing the wonderment moment that most stands out for them...This is my God, my Truth, my Reality.  Wordless, without expression, filled with utter joy and hopeful abandon.

It's unfortunate but most, if not all of us seem to forget we become persons in the "real world," taking on expectations of ourselves, and of others on our behalf we forget who we are, or who we aren't.

Most certainly there are storms in life that bring things to us, or take them away, there is room for improvement, umbrellas and rain slickers, of this there is not doubt.  But have you noticed children, (I myself remember) stampeding into rain puddles and mud, and the utter silliness of splashing the mixture and jumping in it?  There is time for rain slickers and umbrellas, but I dare say we mustn't forget the puddles, we mustn't forget to dance in the rain.

In the summer, we b*tch and mo@n of the heat, and we want rain and the winter we compain about the cold and want only the warm sun on our face.  We don't often stop to think that Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are the Way of things, the great cycle of this why not enjoy them in their season?  In like manner whatever comes to us in Life is its gift to us, and in turn our gift in and to life.

Coming to grips with my own disability is one thing, learning how to dance in it, entirely another.  I've gone from the suffering of self deluded limitation to the understanding there is absolutely nothing I cannot have/do/be in my life (given the "who's, what's and how's" of Joe), yet any one thing takes an entirety of focus and commitment to bring it in to one's life.  This does not infer (at least on the level of the average human being, of which I fit that description) can do things, have and be things outside of the realm of the gifts we have been given, and those, at least in our lifetime, we have not.

The Rev. Ann Davies
The late Rev. Ann Davies of B.O.T.A. was known to have said, for example "I can write some beautiful poetry, but I will never have good handwriting."  I can tell you, as someone who has listened to many hours of her lectures and read what she has written that she did indeed write some absolutely beautiful prose and poetry.  Yet, one wonders what would have happened, has she spent her life trying to beautify her awful (in her words) handwriting?

Her lectures, teachings and writings remain a great blessing to many because she recognized the domain that her gifts existed in, and was willing to surrender in the areas where they did not.

Granted, some may think it a cop out to accept one's own limitations, but I do not.  I think it shows the greatest of strength and character, ability to adapt and excel.  When I first heard Ann speak the above (on recording, I've never met her in the body) I never, ever forgot it.  In fact, I was in the midst of one of the biggest battles of my life, undergoing chemotherapy for advanced Hepatitis C...which I succeeded in.  The battle was not the illness, no...for me the battle and victory was in committing to, and completely succeeding in the medical protocol of 18 months (more or less) on heavily toxic drugs.  I owe her and many others my they stood by me and insisted it was within my own gifts to succeed.

Day by day, I ask myself the equivalent "Do I have good handwriting, or can I write beautiful things?" in so many different areas of my life now.  My personal belief, is that no one is born "disabled."  At the least every last one of us is "other-abled", having tremendous gifts and skills, perhaps yet uncovered, as well as limitations built into our very self, bodily, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Each of us a point of focus, if you will, for the Will to Good to find expression in an absolutely unique way.  God/Truth/Reality says "I wonder what its like to be a dinosaur?", "I wonder what its like to be a tree?", "I wonder what its like to be a Joseph (or John, or Adam, Mary, Elizabeth, Troya, etc...)  It is your eyes, my eyes, the "eyes" of the tree, the dog, the cloud, the mountain, through which this Reality both finds meaning and conscious expression.

This is a reason for joy and dancing, not of wanting or waiting for what isn't.  I'm learning to dance in every moment, learning the joy that God experiences as "Joseph Normal."  Part of this experience is its own discovery, or "uncovery" the uncovering of all I am meant to be, if it can even be described in such terms.  Whether joy, sunshine, health, pain, sickness, death, "disability" or ability, it is all just the utter abandon, may I and all beings learn to dance in the rain, to find the joy and expression of God/Truth/Reality that exists in and as us each individually, may we know the Truth of who we really are (or are not) and rejoice!
~Just Joe

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