Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aristophanes Child

People ask me what its like being born AgCC, well, I remember writing this, just after my diagnoses...after years of disgust, self hatred and shame, it came into focus for me, who I was, this unique person who lacks the major neural gateway in the brain, the Corpus Callosum...

It was the "aha" that changed my life, my focus, towards being preventative, proactive and productive using what knowledge there is about my and similar conditions. 

Its called Aristophanes Child: 

We humans walk around, so conflicted so divided, trying to heal an elusive wound that we intuit but can't place our hands on, can't quite grasp with language, can't point it to it and say "here, this is what's broken, now fix it." 
Some other humans provide menus of options from which to choose...too much of this, too little of that etc...they evaluate the book solely by its cover, and decide "your a red book" or a "blue book." They hope and work towards altering the cover of the book, as it were to be more in accordance with everyone else, for "surely this must be the wound we are trying to heal." Sometimes this approach works for a time, but often it just warps and changes the book's cover beyond recognition. The book then, it still just that, the wound remains. 
Since earliest childhood life was a struggle, and yet, within my being I knew this wound to be only a surface scratch, so utterly obsessed upon as to become the center for years of my attention or even distraction. I was a boy divided. 
So many years later, I'm blessed to have been given tools and skills to be able to lift the dusty old mangled cover of my book and begin to examine its pages from within. I've discovered the source of my suffering, to not even be that elusive wound after all. 
Lifting the old dusty cover and peering within I've found a novel of astounding breadth and depth, which such wisdom as to betray even my most intensive research. 
I am Aristophanes' child to be certain. Rather than Plato's "love of one soul inhabiting two bodies", I have always felt I was rather two men faced in opposite directions carwheeling down the road of life, fully aware of each other, but never quite facing each other; "The left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing" spoken of by Mathew the apostle........ 

I am so thankful for thoughtful reflection of all the good that has come to me, and just wanted to share that with my friends. I stumbled across it this morning while reading my old journals, it was written just days after I was given the diagnoses. 

~Just Joe

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