Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Navigate in Foreign Lands; or A Day in the Life...

I have been thinking a lot lately that being other-abled, disabled, whatever one wishes to call it, that whatever we are is still largely stigmatized in "modern" culture, and as far as we really have come regarding equal rights and equal access for the disabled, the right to work, the right to decided one's own healthcare and housing, equal access to public facilities...yet these are only a beginning.

I spend a lot of time time trying (and retrying) to meet the needs of others best I can, but mostly trying to make sure my needs are met.  I'm not trying to make this a personal thing, in fact the first thing I realized is that it is the plight of disabled people in the country and around the world.

I think, largely because man sees themselves as somehow a greater more intelligent being, top of the food chain, etc... as a result of their greater intelligence, the coherence of something known as mind, will, and ego etc..and I suppose in once sense this it true.  It's my own observation however, and I stand to be corrected if I'm wrong;  but it seems to me that anything that threatens (hu)mankind's sense of self or intelligence is a taboo subject, to be swept under the rug or into the closet so that it doesn't have to be seen, so it doesn't have to remind us of our own human frailties.

I love my family, and my parents.  Typical middle class hard working parent raising two children, one with special needs, with little to no resources as to the cause of all of it...I wish I could tell them now, but, they are my heroes.  Yet, in my parents world view that mental, emotional, and developmental problems were moral weakness.  While this may not have been said in so many words, it is definitely what was communicated.  I don't blame them.  First, coping with the "supposed" shame there were taught to feel over the issue, and second, there was really no way of them knowing when I was born about this condition (AgCC), as it is only in recent years that it has been scanned for successfully in infants and even in Utero.  They never knew what they were actually dealing with, like I do today.

Getting back to my original point, society still, is not modeled after the inclusion of all minority classes, and especially I think this is true of the disabled.  Trying to get my needs met, people often become frustrated with me, because they think I am either being belligerent, ignorant, stupid  or just don't understand.  I am quite intelligent when it comes to rote knowledge, something literally memorized, yet quite often I'm misinterpreting either what others are telling me, or I am not capable of putting into words what it is I'm trying to say in words that they will understand.  This is mostly because of the fast pace we are living in today.  People are so much more less patient, not only with me, but with each other, and themselves today, than I remember in a long time.

It is time for the people of this land called Earth to recognize there are no foreigners within Her aliens.  We exist as part of this great organism, depend upon her for our very sustenance, like the child does its Mother.  We, each and every one of us Her children behave with intolerance towards anything or anyone that  appears different that "I" do.  Yet each of us exist to add our individuality to the fullness that is Life.  We are each and all unique possessing various gifts, strengths, weaknesses, colors, hues, contrasts.   When we ignore any one given value the entire glorious appearance of Life on this Earth becomes infected with hatred and indifference, in thought, word and/or action.  When I am not allowed to be fully myself, neither are you, but by your own doing.  This is my homestead, I've claimed my little land and set my roots, laid the foundation;  get over it, I'm going to be here for a little while!

I tire of trying to survive in a world that disrespects me, brushes me to the side and tells me "wait over there" because I am different.  I am not sure how conscious people are that they do this, to be honest, but that makes it no less hurtful to the recipient.  I hunger to find my niche, as one person with AgCC called it recently. I hunger to find more fully how to benefit the lives of others around me, as well as myself.  I will never fit in to society's image(s) of what and who I should be...albeit I don't believe anyone really ever does anyhow.  Imagine all of your life living in Europe but only having maps for the USA...but since only you can read your maps, nobody else sees any problem, and they tell you "nothing wrong, you just need to try harder."  Blithering idiots, do people really think that someone enjoys major dysfunctions in their lives?  OY!  (I believe that was my first rant on ABWAWIHH !)

 So proud of the direction the country is moving in regards to equal rights for the GLBT community, So proud of the president, regardless of whether or not a calculated move, he has always supported equal rights for the GLBT.  Now if this could only migrate over into the disabled community, so much has changed for the good, so much more needs to still happen.

May all beings be happy and free,
~Just Joe

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