Monday, June 18, 2012

Fining Tuning My Thoughts and Purpose...

While on the outset I have striven to have my blog be about educating the public about Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum I've used my blog also as I way to look inside the mind of someone with AgCC, hence why I'm so free with my personality and opinions, etc...

I've been considering for quite a while the different ways that I might be able to do this, and ways that might benefit more people.

I know that I will eventually publish a book, I feel that not only is my story worth telling, but that it might possibly be found useful and helpful by others.  I've been writing for years, and when I can write (type, I can't barely hand write for very long) I tend to be a bit more focused maybe than the types of things I post on the blog.

I'm also beginning the process of exploring the possibility of a non-profit organization with the goal of research, education, referral and peer support.  I rightfully expect this process to go on for a while.  I'm in "the market" for people who would be willing to help me brainstorm, consider, plan and implement a non-profit.

I feel that in order for me to publish my book I need much of the same kind of coaching and direction.  I'm both prolific and talented, although I can be a bit broad and need help both narrowing down my focus, planning my audience and creating a structure that I can "write into" that will help me better accomplish this.

Anyhow, just a few thoughts... :-)

~Justa Guy

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