Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the Clarion Call of Alex Spourdalakis

I am heartbroken and sick to my stomach over the murder of Alex, by his so-called "mother" that is all over the news today.

Any talk of "the poor mother" goes right into the shitter, in my opinion.  This young man had been abused by her for some time, and then murdered, stabbed 14 times.

It is high time that adults with DDs and parents of children with DDs stand up and be heard.  There is a discussion of this on Facecrook at the Autistic Community Vigil in Memory of Alex Spourdalakis event page.

My parents, given what little help they had, were simply outstanding...Yes, it "coulda woulda shoulda" been better for me, but it wasn't, and I accept this.  Luckily what my parents didn't have was heeps of wrong information. Pseudo science, such as Autism Biomed, sellers of snake oil to supposedly "treat & cure" ASD with such nonesense as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), heavy metals Chelation therapy,the so-called  "DAN! Protocol",  Gluten Free Casein Free Diets, Vitamin B12, Valtrex, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (electroshock therapy :( ), Adult Stem Cell Therapy promise cures.  These vultures sick themselves on needy and desperate parents giving false hopes.

ASD and ACC, not only cannot be "cured" they don't need to be.  Myself and others like me are born with profound neurological differences, and for us, while they are a lifelong challenge and even struggle, it is our birthright.  By this, I mean we literally have different biologies, different neurologies, verified through various medical imaging and other techniques.  What is not "broken" cannot be "fixed."

Currently there is no amount of medicine or "therapy" that can replace my missing corpus callosum.  Take an old fashioned tube radio for example; if you remove just one of those tubes, the entire device cannot work, no matter how you turn the dial, or where you place it.

Anyhow, this is all beside the point.  I have said it before, many times, and I will say this again:

The problem is not with us, the problem is society.  I have a right to exist.  Alex has/had a right to exist, to flourish, to grow, to become the best we can be.  Bigotry and fear of the disabled, is arguably one of the most ancient prejudices in (hu)mankind, and it is still by far the most pervasive of it's type throughout modern culture.  Do not forget that eugenics was regularly practiced in the united states as late as the 1970s...and if they had their way would still be prevalent today.  It is historical fact, not conjecture that Adolf Hitler in fact Cites American Eugenics and modeled after it.  North Carolina still legally sterilized the so-called "mentally ill" as late as 1977, and the laws remained on the books until 2003.
State Eugenics Board of North Carolina

PLEASE, read the links to the information I've included here, especially this one about Alex.

Don't let your child be the victim of ignorance, bias, hatred, and medieval pseudo-science.


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