Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why must we fit in, to stand out?

Most all of my life, I have bought the criticisms others heap upon me, such as the idea that in order to excel in society, we must "blend into a background" or "take our place."  At first glance this might seem copacetic, "just be like everybody else," but this isn't equality, it is segregation.  "Move out of the way of societies norm, (whatever that is, anyhow.) 

While my parents and family never treated me anything else but abled, that only lasted till my teens, when the apparent differences of my ACC neurology, (unknown to them) essentially meant my peers would soon outstrip me in communications, social skills, and so-called "higher reasoning." My family hadn't the benefit of my diagnoses, even at that time considering medical science absolutely naive about collosul disorders, it might have made some difference.  

I am pretty outspoken, that I do not believe it is correct to "classify" ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum), something to be fixed.  This is absurd, when you think about it.  Science will never be able to change my affect, nor my cognitive deficits, my missing corpus callosum and other abnormal brain structures...until such time as science can approach this (and that time may yet come), I will live exactly as this body was born to live, this whole person, who is body, mind, emotions, cognitions, assumptions...with auditory and processesing defecits... nonetheless my view of the world and my right to participate in it are in every way equal to yours.

It is true that peoples like myself will need help all of their lives, but then again, who will not?  Don't we all succeed and exceed our limitations when we support each other equally in the effort?  I don't need to be cured!  Society need allow us to take our rightful place.   We don't act like you, that frightens you?  What a small world you must live in?

Outside of any threat to self, or others who has the right to speak for an other?  I am as useful, meaningful, thoughtful and full of emotion, as you are, but different...and that difference scares you?  It seems human beings can be xenophobic, the the party of one; protected at all costs..."the mind" , "emotions", "behaviors", "the spirit", frightens them, and so they push it sad to put on blinders of our own manufacturing, to avoid the pain of realizing this could be you,"oh my God, I could never 'imagine' living like that."

My life is a challenge, my 24 hour day is akin to your 7 day week. I don't experience time, conversation, thought, attention, emotion, anything like 95% of the population world wide.

This entire post really goes back to my blog title, which is no mistake: A boy with a whole in his head"  My ACC doesn't limit me in any way, yet society limits my mental or physical mobility.  I am a whole human being. I can shine, I am shining, I am beginning to understand the divine purpose, the Guru's Hukam, in and as this meat-puppet-person-human-man thing.  I have come to understand that we can all stand out, then who is left to not fit in?

......steps off of soapbox :P

My hopes and aspirations continue to be making life better for others born with ACC.  Early intervention, always improves the outcome.  Furthermore, raising the child, to excel, not in spite of their difference but because of it.  We are all unique.  We are all born to stand out.


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