Sunday, October 20, 2013

To everything there is a season...

I want to try and focus the intent of this post, on a most extraordinary woman, I will call "T."  On October 14th 2013 my dear friend and spiritual sister returned to Great Nature at 6:30 am PST  

T battled Ovarian cancer for over 7 years.  She was there for me when I was getting immunotherapy and chemo for my own condition (thanks to her, Kaiser, and many more involved I am free of Hepatitis C and mutating liver cells.)  

T was the perfect example of the silent servant.  She touched all she met, deeply, even if she and they only crossed paths for a moment.  While imperfect like the rest of us; she humbly accepted that part of herself, and focused on freely serving all, without measure, need or desire of recompense, motive, nor outcome desired. 

Accepting me into her heart and home, we shared " the good, the bad, and the ugly " about each other, to each other, and yet we both fell into unconditional love and trust of each other.  We both felt we were brother and sister, tied at the hip, even while very similar in important ways, very different in others.  We know " we've done this before, are doing it now, and we shall do it again " (i.e., that we are family, are in this together, and have unfinished business with each other.  

This post isn't about me, but needless to say, in T's company the seed of my life was nourished and protected, my hopes, fears and aspirations...  

Life changing information regarding my brain mutation (ACC) and Autism has come about, largely because of her support and encouragement.  If I had not come back to Southern California, been sick to death with Hep C, they would not have scanned my brain (I was having a host of neurological issues at the time)  and found that I was born without the Corpus Callosum of my brain.

We shared words, ideas, knowledge and wisdom to be sure, yet T was the first person, in a very long time that I could shared the silence with.  So much can be communicated, in just a strong, silent, presence.

To you all to the many who have been there with me every step of the way...
I am truly grateful
I need to take more time, so my posts may be a bit "in between"...
After all, to everything there is a season,  
While it is now to mourn, 
Soon the time comes for moving forwards into new Life.
Until that time,


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