Saturday, January 20, 2024

Come On Over and Sit a While...

Not Less, But Different!

Normal, average, self controlled,
Round peg in a square hole.
Born to be what I would be,
Many parts make up the whole.
Yet what you'll get is what you'll see;
Unique is what I'm born to be...
Special talents, flair and flaws,
Different every way with different laws.
All I can speak, and this I know;
Torn from mediocrities' claws.
God's gifts upon me are bestowed;
He the maker, He the cause...
One of many, only singular,
Constant dialogue, I the listener.
Ladder of clouds and thoughts my norm,
Internal, eternal, entirely insular.
Loving and innocent, friendly and warm;
Never at home always a visitor...
Won't you come enjoy with me,
This variegated world to see;
An orchestra imperfect,
Unless everyone can be...
Prejudice deserted.
Our differences; our very beauty?
Much more pleasant over here, just to be, just to be...
Why not come on over and sit a while?
Why don't you come on over here and sit a while?


  1. Hi you havent posted much for a while and i only just found your blog are you ok? I recently discovered I have low volume CC and feeling my feet and I found your writing inspiring, thanks alot, Lynn from New Zealand


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