Friday, January 19, 2024

When You've Met Someone With a DCC, You've Met Some One with a DCC

I have long said along with the (Autism Spectrum Disorder )ASD and the (Disorders of the Corpus Callosum) DCC communities if you've met one of us, you have met one of us. I mean to say that we are not neurotypical nor stereotypical.  Both with disorders of the corpus callosum and on the spectrum of autism you will never find two individuals exactly alike.  We live in a world where a type of thinking that sees the world through a lens of stereotypes, isms, hard and fast ways we see the world. Over the years this has this become even more apparent to me. 

We live in a world that is an "Us vs Them" paradigm. The truth is, all human thinking and behavior
exists in a spectrum. I like to think of humanity as a garden. We are all different types of flowers, trees, and shrubs; but take one away and we've lessened the beauty of the overall nursery that represents humanity. But this is not how the majority of people think. This also applies to all individuals, not just neurodiverse people. Again, the world is like a symphony, but take away the trumpet... or the violin, the triangle; the richness of the music will be diminished. 

The concept of 'high functioning' or 'low functioning is a result of this kind of thinking. When an adult or a child is labeled in this way it causes harm. The so-called low functioning individual has their talents and abilities dismissed; the so-called high functioning individual has their struggles belittled. Rather, I think that each person should be seen as a unique individual, with unique skills and struggles; none like the other. 

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